Australia’s population is ageing rapidly

Whilst most older Australians live productive and independent lives, many are troubled by the diseases associated with ageing.

Dementia is one of the major issues facing an ageing Australia, it is one of the two leading causes of years of life lost due to dis-ability and by 2041 this figure can be expected to rise to 500,000. The burden of this illness is borne by carers of people with dementia and the societal cost of care and treatment.

We specialise and take pride in managing the medical/ psychological and social complexities that come with age and optimise management toward healthy ageing.

We assist in the diagnosis and management of complex and/or multifactorial internal medicine disorders impacting on the cognition and functional status of the older person.

Perioperative context – Our approach aims to reduce the incidence of post-acute syndrome and functional decline associated with hospitalisation. We adopt a diagnostic approach to the practice of acute internal medicine in order to identify reversible pathologies impacting on a patient’s function, psychological and social well-being in a compassionate, holistic and integrated manner.

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessments – We specialise in the management of geriatric syndromes (disorders characterised by the combination of age-related changes, accumulated pathology, polypharmacy and acute illness reducing the threshold for the occurrence of falls, delirium and incontinence).

We endeavour to assist in the long-term management of neurodegenerative disorders as a result of a stroke in the older person. Assistance in the coordination and management of the rehabilitation of the older person who, as a result of an acute medical or surgical problem has suffered a functional decline.

We offer care for the older person with complex or multifactorial problems in the community or residential care setting Working as an integral part of a multidisciplinary team delivering health care to the older person. The assessment of the care requirements for the older person who may require community or residential care.